Monday, May 17, 2010

So, This Happened...

I would like to add that this conversation via text has not been edited in any way, except I didn't use the guy's real name.

May 16, 2010
10:09 PM
Nikki: Uh so there's a police car hanging out in my parking lot with the lights flashing.  Should I be worried?
Allison: Hmm...only if u have a dead boy in the closet?
Nikki: Well not anymore.  Lol.  But I was about to take a shower & now I would just feel nervous.
Allison: Send Shannon out there to see what's up
Allison: That's what boyfriends are for, right?
Nikki: He's at work.
Allison: Maybe they're there for ur crazy neighbor
Nikki: I think he might have pulled them over & of course they decided to park next to me.  I jut opened the window to see if I can hear anything.
Allison: Stand on your deck to see if u can catch anything
Nikki: The deck is pointing the wrong way.  I am currently sitting under my window like a crazy person.
Nikki: He just asked the guy to get out of the car & if he had a weapon!!!
Allison: Yesss...u should have a periscope
Nikki: They cuffed him!
Nikki: I already am!!!!
Nikki: There's still another dude in the passengers side in the car next to mine
Nikki: They are not my neighbors
Allison: It's the mob!!
Nikki: Shut up!
Nikki: Now there are 2 cop cars.
Allison: *zipping lips*........* whispering* do you think they would like a cop special?
Nikki: What is that
Allison: Haven't you ever seen super troopers?
Nikki: Oh right.  That doesn't help me!!
Allison: Don't worry.  When my building's fire alarm was pulled they sent 6 fire trucks.  They're just bored.
Nikki: I just heard the word warrant.
Allison: Peek out of your window...And take a video if they start beating him
Nikki: Lol.
Allison: What's happening now
Nikki: They are looking through the now empty car.  They put the other guy in the 2nd car uncuffed
Nikki: They're in the trunk
Nikki: Suspects name is "Guy's Name"
Allison: I know him!!
Nikki: Get out
Alison: Not really.  But wouldn't that be crazy if I did?
Nikki: They're doing the drunk test to the 2nd guy
Allison: This is better than tv
Allison: This is like cops- YOU COULD BE ON COPS!!
Nikki: I look horrible
Nikki: I would fit right in
Allison: Lol
Nikki: Looks like he passed
Nikki: Another cop car!!
Allison: Dibs on the sober on!
Nikki: They both got into their car & left   WTF!!!
Allison: Woah.
Nikki: Well the "criminals" left as did the cop cars
Allison: Hmm...maybe they bribed them
Nikki: Heh.  I've just turned into that crazy old lady that snoops from her window
Allison: That's ok.  I became the lady who stomps on the floor when the music's too loud
END: 10:48 PM