Sunday, March 28, 2010

Survey Update

As I said earlier, I've become a bit obsessed with taking surveys and making money online in general.  This was sparked by several recent and unfortunate job situations.  And although things are looking up in that department (wee!), I'm still trying them out to see if I can make a little extra money.  I've signed up for over 50 different sites that do various things to various degrees of success. While I'm still trying out most of them, I've already found some winners, which I will be sharing with you so we can all hopefully make a little money.

First, though, is some advice that I have learned along the way:
1) You will not get rich.  I don't care what any site promises you, it's not going to happen.  Accept it.  Move on.
2) Do not ever pay to be able to access "special" information or to get a membership.  There are plenty of other      places (including here!) that will give it to you for free.
3) Set up a different e-mail account when you sign up.  Some sites send out a lot of mail, some don't, but you don't want all of that coming into your main account everyday.  I like Gmail, but anything will do.
4) Don't give up.  Some of these things take time to accumulate; sometimes even months.  I am finding that a little time every day or so can yield big results. Don't be discouraged if you think the payouts seem to small.  You usually don't have to spend a lot of time doing them.
5) Have fun.  This is supposed to be a hobby after all.  Don't look at it like a second job or you might be disappointed.  If you don't enjoy what you are doing, then it isn't worth it.